Temperature-controlled fermentation

15 years ago, grape juice intended to become wine was fermented at about 18°C - 24°C (64 - 75 °F). Our cellars were filled with aromas of fermenting wine. Carbondioxid had to be exhaled from the cellars by ventilating fans.


Today, fermentation happens at 14°C - 16°C (57 - 61 °F). To ensure a quick and complete start of the fermentation, temperatures may rise up to 18°C (64 °F) in the beginning. Once the entire tank has started fermentation, the fermentation temperature is lowered and controlled by exterior irrigation of the tank.


The irrigation water is sourced from our own well. Both temperature and must weight, measured in degree Oechsle (or elsewhere in degree Brix), are monitored daily during the fermentation process. During harvest time, our cellars do not smell as enjoyable and mouth-watering as they used to 15 years ago. However, all the aromas you might be missing in the cellar air, you recover in the bottle today as part of the wine!