Vineyard names in Oppenheim

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A view across the vineyard Oppenheimer Sackträger, Katharinenkirche and the ruin Landskrone




The old Sackträger-tower was the outpost of medieval guild of sack-carriers (Transports from ship-loads from the Rhine to the town). Loam and clay, the ideal vineyard soil on a south-facing "amphitheatre", sheltered to both north and west by hills with an inclinatin of 30°. One of the best vineyard-sites in Rheinhessen.




A small single site with only 1,5 hectares (= 3.7 acres). The "Schützenhütte" used to be a hut for vineyard guards posted on the Sackträger Tower. The vineyard is sheltered by a medieval townwall, slightly inclined towards south, with loess and sandy loam soil. A top site.