11 generations of family tradition and experience in grape growing and wine making. Export to more than 60 countries around the world.


Silvaner - traditional for Rheinhessen, more than 350 years old, can produce some of the very fines, top quality grapes.


Loam and clay. Heavy soil with excellent absorptive capacity for rain water. Hillside shaped as a horse-shoe, thus perfect protection from heavy weather conditions.


Prädikatswein - Eiswein. Grapes gathered at minus 10° C, freezing the juice inside the berries to solid ice and squeezing the skins rapidly before the ice melts, sacrificing 90% of the normal harvest quantity. This bottle contains the juice of approximately 1 kg of grapes!


Golden colour, rich taste, character and noble natural sweetness - highest concentration. 


9 % Alc., 155 g/l residual sweetness, 11,5 g/l fruit acidity


Natural cultivation following officially controlled measures (DLG). Reduced pruning, defoilage and green harvest. Very limited and strictly monitored use of fertilizers and chemicals.



Gentle pressing, natural sedimentation, temperature controlled fermentation at 13° C in stainless steel, one filtration only, ageing in stainless steel.


By itself for the unique celebration.


8° - 10° Celsius