Roasted Chicken-Breast

Ingredients for 4 persons:


500 g champignons

4 dried morels

fresh or dried thyme


Olive oil, if available also seasoned oil

2 onions

600 g fresh garden peas

vegetable broth

butter, salt, pepper




Frie chicken breasts in butter until brown on both sides. Remove them from roasting pan and put them aside. Cut one onion in cubes, slice champignons, and frie champignons and onions slightly in same pan. Add pepper and salt, chop dried morels.


Spread 4 DIN A4 pieces of aluminium foil, put on each sheet of foil ¼ each of the champignons, cover with thyme and put chicken breasts on top. Also portion the morels onto the chicken breasts. Add some sherry and a few drops of olive oil, season with salt and pepper at your liking.


Wrap the aluminium foil and put the packages into the oven at 180° Celsius for approx 35 minutes to finish.


In the meantime frie cubes of second onion in butter. Add peas and 1 liter vegetable broth and boil them until they are soft. Remove remaining broth, mix peas with the cream and mash them. To eliminate the skins (if desired) pass the mash through a strainer. Add salt and pepper.


Put the pea-mash in small heaps on the plate, add chicken breasts and decorate with the mushrooms and gravy.