Weingut Louis Guntrum
Weingut Louis Guntrum - Weintradition seit 1648 -




Angelika Hammangelika.hamm@guntrum.com,

Tel. +49 6133 97 17 14


Angelika Hamm is devoted and faithful to the House of Guntrum since 1980. She started as apprentice and completed her education in the house as a wholesale- and foreign trade merchant. Following she worked in the different departments of our family enterprise. Since 1985 she is Assistant of the Management. For two years she took evening classes and completed this further education as "Handelsfachwirt", meaning a higher grade in administration work, with the mark "very good". She reached a further certificate as trainee for apprentices. Since then she is responsible for our apprentices in the office. - Her duties are mainly to take care of our national and international customers personally or by phone, fax or e-mail, as well as the realisation of the complete business administration. Furthermore she can reply to any questions concerning building within the premises, wine-growing, up to cellar-technology.





Janet Erler - janet.erler@guntrum.de,

Tel. +49 6133 97 17 13


Janet Erler joined our team on September 15th, 2008. Janet has taken over all responsibilities for accounting after she has gained plenty of experience in large companies as well as medium-size companies in Germany.

Martin Diehl


Martin Diehl has joined our team on July 1st, 2006. Consolidating all domestic and international orders, maintenance and repair of all sorts and support during harvest and bottling, his job encompasses a wide range of duties. We appreciate his patience, which he combines pleasantly with a great wealth of ideas and initiative. Martin Diehl is always “on alert”, when walking through our building.




Helga Freimuth-Schneider


Helping hands are always welcome – and dearly needed at times. Helga Freimuth-Schneider has supported us for years in labelling, packing and all the detailed work, that requires special attention. We can count on her even in the office, when it comes to mailings etc.


Rui Manuel Teixeira-Terra


Since 2000 Rui Manuel Texeira-Terra is responsible for the competent care of our vineyards, from pruning the grapes and other vineyard activities up to and including the harvest, with soil-tests, manuring, caring of the foliage, working the soil, weed- and pest control up to re-planting vineyards. He is also man-of-all-work in all places of the premises, even up to selling wines to customers passing by.